Counterpoint Exhibition to Open in Urban Retreat Gallery in Dublin Docklands

Counterpoint is a two-person exhibition by Michael Mulcahy and Suzy O'Mullane, which will be opened by one of Ireland's foremost artists, William Crozier, at Urban Retreat Gallery in Dublin's Docklands on May 1st 2008.

The Urban Retreat Gallery gallery is the Cill Rialaig Project's exhibition space in Dublin and features art produced by past Cill Rialaig residents.  The exhibition comprises a series of paintings and drawings, executed by the two artists, over the past three years.

Michael and Suzy's is an interesting tale of two artists who work together and who have an intense personal connection, having first met at Cill Rialaig. The influence on each others work has become very evident, even if their individual styles have remained consistent. Mulcahy's work has taken on a lush painterliness, and at times a softer palate. O'Mullane's has ventured out considerably from its formal confines, and has become more expressive and symbolic.

For Counterpoint, both artists collaborated, whilst keeping the context of their work intact. Mulcahy's work focuses on nature and the interior condition, while O'Mullane's deals with personal experience and connection.  However, there is a sense of a beautiful harmony and intersection between the works; hence the musical allusion in the title of the show.

Counterpoint opens at the Urban Retreat Gallery, Hanover Quay, on May 1st and goes on until 31st May, 2008.

For further information contact Suzanne Clarke at 01 478 5159

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