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Poolbeg West Strategic Development Zone 

At a special council meeting held on the 18th of May 2017, Dublin City Council, having considered the Poolbeg West draft Planning Scheme and the Chief Executive’s report Numbers 141/2017 and 176/2017, in accordance with the Planning and Development Act 2000 as amended, resolved to make, subject to variations and modifications as agreed at the meeting, the Poolbeg West draft Planning Scheme subject to the making of a determination if a strategic environmental assessment or an appropriate assessment or both such assessments, as the case may be, is or are to be carried out as respects one or more than one proposed variation or modification that would, if made be a material alteration of the draft planning scheme.
The majority of modifications agreed at the council meeting do not constitute material alterations, in that they are de minimis in nature, or provide clarification to the existing text and overall do not significantly change the nature and character of the planning scheme. However, there are modifications agreed, that would constitute a material alteration to the draft planning scheme and it can be viewed here.


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