Famine Ship Museum Jeanie Johnston

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The Jeanie Johnston is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Dublin.  Over 1 million people left Ireland during the 1840s, fleeing starvation and hoping for a new life in America.  This mass emigration created a huge diaspora of people with Irish ancestry in the Americas, and later in Australia.  The life-size figures in the museum below deck are all modelled on actual passengers who made the journey to North America on the ship. 

On this 50 minute tour, your guide will bring their stories to life, giving you insight into the challenges they faced and the hopes that they held; what the conditions were like on the journey, how long it took, and what awaited emigrants on arrival in the New World.

The original Jeanie Johnston made 16 emigrant journeys to North America between 1847 and 1865, carrying over 2,500 people with no loss of life.

The current ship is an authentic replica, built in Tralee, Co. Kerry.  It has sailed to North America and to various ports in Europe.  It is docked at Custom House Quay in the centre of Dublin.

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