Poolbeg SDZ Scheme

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Poolbeg West Strategic Development Zone

On 17th May 2016, the Government designated Poolbeg West a Strategic Development Zone (SDZ). These lands comprising 34 hectares (or approx. 84 acres) were deemed to be of economic and social importance to the state.
The designated area in the Order is for a mixed use development which may principally include residential development, commercial and employment activities including, office, hotel, leisure and retail facilities, port related activities and the provision of educational facilities, transport infrastructure, emergency services and the provision of community facilities as referred to in Part III of the First Schedule to the Act, including health and childcare services, as appropriate. A copy of the Official Order designating the area an SDZ, which includes a map illustrating the SDZ boundary,  is available at http://www.irishstatutebook.ie/eli/2016/si/279/made/en/pdf
Dublin City Council is specified as the Development Agency for the purposes of the Planning Scheme under the SDZ designation in accordance with Part IX Section 166(3) of the Act and accordingly intends to prepare a Planning Scheme.
Please note that this website will be continuously updated to keep you informed of the various steps in progressing the plan.
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